Chiphall Lake Trout Fishery Prices

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Office: 01329 833295
Mobile: 07776 256792

North Field Farm
Droxford Road
PO17 5AZ

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  • Prices for fishing at Chiphall Lake, a Trout Fishery located near Wickham, Hants Hampshire

    Fish Tickets

    • 1 Fish - 20
    • 2 Fish - 30
    • 3 Fish - 40
    • 4 Fish - 50
    Extra fish caught on any ticket are 10 per fish payable in advance when your ticket limit has been reached.
    Don't worry if you do not catch your fish quota. We will give you a fish ticket to come back and catch your fish another day. (small entrance fee ?10).

    Tackle Hire
    Rod, reel, fly, landing net and priest - 9.00/day If you lose the fly you will need to purchase another

    Please note that you need a Rod Fishing Licence to fish for trout, these can be purchased at either a post office, online or by telephone.

    Flies - We have a selection of hand tied flies in patterns that will catch fish on our lake from ?1 each.

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