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  • Tactics and fly patterns for fishing at Chiphall Lake, a Trout Fishery located near Wickham, Hants Hampshire

    The Tackle
    Fly fishing tackle preferences are different for most people, if its the first time you've been fly fishing at Chiphall a 6 weight outfit with floating line should cover most conditions, leader lengths of at least 9 foot with 4lb to 6lb breaking strain work well.

    Most types of fly will work on some days but having the right flies on the right day can help you to catch more fish, we are always happy to let you know what is working on the day and also have a selection of hand tied flies in patterns that work on the lake for sale, here are some picture of the most succesful patterns;

    The Montana Nymph Fly
    Montana Nympth

    Bloodworm Nymph

    Gold Head Hares Ear
    Hares Ear Nymph

    Damsel Fly

    Cats Whisker Fly
    Cats Whisker

    Olive Damselfly
    Olive Damselfly

    Daddy Long Legs
    Daddy Long Legs

    All of the above patterns can be prurchased online at Selectafly

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